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    How Would You Change?

    A few evenings ago, Adam & I decided to watch a quick movie before heading up to bed. It was quite late, but we wanted to try to settle our minds a bit after a hectic day – as family, work, and life can sometimes – often – be.  The title of this one struck me, as did the length (brief), so we settled in…


    (okay, deep breath, because I just watched it again before writing this post…)


    I will tell you firstly – in retrospect – this might not be the best thing to watch right before bed. Secondly, if you’re a parent, or soon to be a parent, or want to be a parent, and you watch this… you’re likely to find it deeply affecting.


    I can hope it will affect you in a positive and uplifting way, as it did us.


    See… I often think about my “bucket list”, and/or the things in our life I’d like to do differently – tomorrow, some day, when I have the chance, when I get the opportunity, when I’m in a better place, or frame of mind, or situation, or whatever. I think most of us do – it’s part of the human condition. But when you’re faced with death. In an instant. Like Mr. Elias was, and will describe… I imagine those things we’ve back-burnered, come rushing to the forefront.


    So it really makes me wonder: what am I waiting for? Why not make the best of what I have RIGHT. NOW? Why not try to enjoy each & every moment – small or big, good or bad? If I’m putting out energy, why not make it as positive as possible? And IF I’m putting effort into parenting, why not always do my best to be the most excellent parent I can?  I often find myself being okay with “enough” or even surrendering to the “bad parent” character – because yes, we all have those days, and not everyone can be perfect – but. But what if that day, that one day (that maybe is actually a week or a month, because it’s become a habit to just do enough to get through the day, and the next day will be better, right?), is THE day? The last day? What if that day, I KNOW I didn’t go after life with gusto? That I didn’t choose to be happy? That I didn’t try my best as a parent? What if?

    So with that, I’ll let you watch the video… Ric Elias: Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed


    To recap (or, if you can’t see the video for some reason), here’s what Ric Elias learned in those last moments:  


    1) I no longer want to postpone anything in my life.

    2) I decided to eliminate negative energy in my life. I no longer try to be right, I choose to be happy.

    3) Above all, above all - the only goal I have in life is to be a good dad. 

    I was given the gift of a miracle of not dying that day. I was given another gift which was to be able to see into the future and come back and live, differently.

    I challenge you today:

    How would you change?

    What would you get done that you’re waiting to get done because you think you’ll be here forever?

    How would you change your relationships & the negative energy in them?

    And more than anything – are you being the best parent you can be?


    So my readers… I have decided to accept his challenge, and hope you will too. Think about what you would change, and start today – now – to take steps towards that change. Commit to trying your hardest, being your most positive, making the most out of each moment as it comes, and always being the best parent your kids could want.


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    Are You Free to Take Some Tea?

    May I inquire discreetly: When are you free to take some tea with me?

    ~The Beatles 


    I’ve always loved a good cup of tea. That’s why, when my friend, Amber, at Strocel.com suggested that we all “show her our stash” of tea, I positively jumped at the chance!

    Show me Your Tea Stash at Strocel.com


    I am an avid tea drinker. Okay, truthfully, I don’t really discriminate; at least not in genre, I drink coffee, tea, cocoa… it’s all good. Additionally, as my hands are always cold; a hot cuppa fits the bill quite well. I do, however, have my favorites; and some which I just can’t stand (so they linger, like, forever, in my cabinet). I’d say I’m a 8-cup-a-day drinker; though, it’s not always caffeinated (lest you have a picture in your head of me zooming around like a moth on a porchlight with a cup of something gripped firmly in my jittering hands).  Not always. Ahem. 


    For quite some years, my penchant(s) for tea drinking – and collecting – have collided in a most haphazard way in my kitchen cabinets (always just right out of reach; honestly, I don’t know WHY I’ve never, ever, moved my tea to a more convenient location!), 'til 'round about 10 years ago, when drinking and collecting merged in a more seamless way, and Adam and I opened an online tea shop – selling one of our favorite hot beverages: chai (though, truth be told, much of my tea at home & at work is bought from the tea shop at our grocery store, and I don’t drink as much chai as I once did; preferring the simplicity of a nice, plain, green as I've gotten older. Ahem, again.). [ps: Amber has assured me that owning a tea shop does not disqualify me from participating in the Big Tea Show-Off. But, in all fairness, I felt I did need to disclose that little fact.].   


    And now... on to stats. And PICTURES!  


    In my office stash, you can find:
    10 boxes of tea
    1 can of tea
    Many random tea bags & tea k-cups



    In my stash at home, you can find:
    19 boxes of tea
    2 cans of tea
    A nonsensical number of random individual tea bags

    This pic can perhaps best be described with: O_o



    In our warehouse stash… maybe just a pic will suffice:


    So... I love tea. And I love people who love tea. I could drink it all day & night; and often do. My kids love tea, too. And, I’m convinced tea keeps you young. And keeps you happy. Or, at least, it keeps you warm. And that counts for something.  


    Here’s to a Happy New Year, and happy tea drinking!

    Posted: Jan 14 2012, 15:56 by kelly | Comments (10) RSS comment feed |
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