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    The 12 Days of Halloween Song

    In the spirit of the season, I present my children (well, mostly my daughter), singing the The 12 Days of Halloween
    (to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas, naturally!)
    The lyrics are as follows:
    On the first day of Halloween my true love gave to me…
    An owl in a old oak tree.
    On the second day of Halloween my true love gave to me…
    2 black cats, and an owl in a old oak tree.
    On the third day of Halloween my true love gave to me…
    3 pumpkins glowing, 2 black cats, and an owl in an old oak tree.
    On the fourth day of Halloween my true love gave to me…
    4 witches brewing…
    5 candy corn…
    6 scary costumes…
    7 bats a flying…
    8 spiders webbing…
    9 ghosts a’haunting…
    10 scarecrows scaring…
    11 werewolves howling…
    12 banshees wailing…
    Happy Halloween!!!
    (Yes, I realize I'm nearly 2 weeks early. I figured you'd like some time to practice.)
    Posted: Oct 18 2012, 22:36 by kelly | Comments (1) RSS comment feed |
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    No Nestlé Halloween

    As Halloween is fast-approaching, you may be thinking about what kinds of treats you’ll have available for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. Now, maybe you don’t give out treats (the Mom-side of me thanks you for your pretzels, fruit leathers, pencils, stickers, or pennies for Unicef!). But if you do offer candy, you may want to consider keeping Nestlé treats out of your trick-or-treat bowl this year.
    Why No Nestle? A very short synopsis: there has been an active boycott on Nestle since July 7th 1977, stemming from their promotion of breastmilk substitutes (infant/baby formula) over breastfeeding, particularly in under-developed countries. Nestlé continues to violate the WHO (World Health Organization) code by persisting in their marketing of infant formula in places where doing so (instead of promoting breastfeeding) can lead to illness, malnutrition, and death of babies (for reasons such as formula mixed with contaminated water is dangerous, formula is too expensive for many women to purchase, and often gets watered down, resulting in malnutrition). Nestlé also controls much of the bottled water industry (and thus the sources of water) in the United States. (If you’re ready to be frightened by the state of water in our country, I highly recommend the movie Tapped) Nestlé also promotes unhealthy eating through their production and marketing of high-sodium “Gerber Graduates” processed foods to toddlers.
    For more information on the Nestlé boycott, here are some good places to start:
    So, you'd like to try to keep your Halloween Nestlé- free, but not sure which products Nestlé produces? Well… take a deep breath; they’re everywhere (I'd rather not directly link to their site, but if you Google Nestlé, you can find everything they have their name on - and it's a ton)! For the purpose of International Nestlé-Free Week (which runs from October 31st thru November 6th) I’ve created a list, limited strictly to candy.
    List of Nestlé Candies, Chocolates, and Confections:
    100 Grand
    Aero Bar
    Baby Ruth
    Bit O Honey
    Bottle Caps
    Carlos V
    Chewy Spree
    Chewy Sweetarts
    Crunch Bar
    Everlasting Gobstoppers
    Fruit Runts
    Kit Kat (outside of the U.S.)
    Laffy Taffy
    Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip
    Mix Ups
    Nestle Milk Chocolate
    Oh Henry! (inside the U.S.)
    Pixy Stix
    Smarties (outside of the U.S.)
    Wonka Exceptionals
    So… Which candies CAN you buy this year?
    My vote is for Fair-Trade Organic Chocolate or Organic Lollipops! Of course, that’s not always practical nor affortable! So, here’s a list of...
    Conventional Candies NOT Produced by Nestlé:
    3 Musketeers
    Almond Joy
    Bubble Yum
    Cadbury Crème Egg
    Cadbury Dairy Milk
    Dove Bar
    Good & Fruity
    Good & Plenty
    Heath Bar
    Hershey’s Kisses
    Hershey’s Special Dark
    Ice Breakers Gum
    Jolly Rancher
    Kit Kat (inside the U.S.)
    Mars Bar
    Mauna Loa
    Milk Duds
    Milky Way
    Mini Eggs
    Mr. Goodbar
    Oh Henry (outside of the U.S.)
    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
    Reese’s Pieces
    Smarties (inside the U.S.)
    Symphony Bar
    Take 5
    Wrigley’s Gum
    York Peppermint Patty
    Thanks for considering participating in Nestlé-Free Week and... Happy Halloween!
    Posted: Oct 28 2011, 09:59 by kelly | Comments (27) RSS comment feed |
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    Autumn Vanilla Apple Milkshake (A.K.A. Witches' Brew)

    Autumn Vanilla Apple Milkshake (A.K.A. Witches' Brew)

    We made this super simple and fabulously delicious recipe yesterday at our friend's Halloween Party and it was a big hit (both with the kids AND adults)!
    Here's how to make it for your own spooky celebration:

    2 Cups Apple Cider (I prefer Organic, and unpasturized, but you can't always find that, of course)
    1.5 - 2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream (again, Organic is best)
    2 Tablespoons Honey
    1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
    1/4 Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg

    Blend ingredients together, sprinkle with additional nutmeg, and serve right away
    (we found that the mixture separates a bit after a while). The recipe recommended adding optional orange food coloring; we opted instead for orange cups. :)

    PS: If you're interested in the apple cranberry sauce in the picture, I have the recipe, here.

    PPS: The witches' brew recipe was found in a book called Howling Good Halloween Recipes by K. Hartman & M. Steindler

    Posted: Oct 29 2010, 17:00 by kelly | Comments (0) RSS comment feed |
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