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    Sunday Spark: Spring Break

    As our Spring Break comes to a close today, I'm looking back with fondness on a week that we didn't really go anywhere, butwe had a grand time all the same - relaxing, witnessing the many Spring flowers in bloom, planting and finding geocaches, and just enjoying tons of family time. Okay, yes, and enduring the stomach bug too (fortunately, that passed quickly). And with today's weather in the 80's, the kids put up a lemonade stand (They made $3.75!!). I hope your Spring break was as agreeable as ours (less the intestinal flu). Happy Spring! 

    Lemonade stand and chalk drawing in April!


    Clematis in our front garden, in nearly full bloom!




    Iris in our front yard. So quickly they come & go...


    One of many geocaches we found this week!


    Ah, tulips - the sure sign of Spring!


    Serious egg-dying at Grandma's house.


    Eggs on the lawn after the fifth or six hide & seek game.


    Fetching a ball from the pond. 


    The stunning beauty of nature & why I love New Jersey - the pines.

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    Sunday Spark: You Have a Choice

    Every moment you have a choice. A choice to feel happy or feel down. A choice to observe or react. To regret or move on. Feel resentful or make a change.

    When you’re presented with a challenge, you have a choice of how to face that challenge (or even to walk away – that too is a choice).

    At the end of the day, when your reserves are spent, when your children are bouncing off the walls, when bedtime is not quite here, your house is a mess, your to-do list is undone, and you may be wishing you were anywhere else but where you are, you have a choice – to greet your children’s boundless energy with joy, and let it fill you – pushing out the frustration… or to let the frustration consume you, and spill over on to your children.

    How you react – or not react – is always up to you.

    To show love and tolerance and patience – to choose (and in choosing, teach) happiness and peace is never the wrong course of action.

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    Sunday Spark: Oh River Rise From Your Sleep

    This entire album is wonderful, but this song in particular is quite touching. Hope it gives you a little spark to start your week. Enjoy!

    The Maker – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

    (Live at Radio City, April 22, 2007)



    Oh, oh deep water, black and cold like the night

    I stand with arms wide open; I’ve run a twisted mile

    I’m a stranger in the eyes of the maker

    I could not see for the fog in my eyes

    I could not feel for the fear in my life

    From across the great divide, in the distance I saw a light

    John Baptist walking to me with the maker

    My body is bent and broken by long and dangerous sleep

    But I can’t work the fields of Abraham and turn my head away

    I’m not a stranger in the hands of the maker.

    Brother John, have you seen the homeless daughters

    Standing there with broken wings?

    I have seen the flaming swords there over east of Eden

    Burning in the eyes of the maker

    Oh, river rise from your sleep

    ~ Daniel Lanois (The Maker)

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    Sunday Spark: Father's Day

    When I think of what it means to be a Good Dad, I think of my husband, Adam.
    For our children he is: a storyteller. A silly song creator. A Duplo architect. An outdoor adventure leader. A horsey ride. A tennis, kiting, running, bike riding, hiking, skating, snowshoeing…coach of all activities. A school chauffer. A Sunday morning short order cook. A snap circuit engineer. A math quiz maker. A generous hug giver.

    My husband takes our children outside & teaches them sports rather than sitting in front of the television watching sports. When he sees our children struggling with something, he works with them to solve the problem – so they can solve it themselves in the future.

    He has a sensitivity and empathy about him that can see straight through our children’s tantrums, right down to the core of what’s bothering them. And he has the strength and patience to help them through it. He listens, and understands.


    He is the kind of father every child should have; our children are so lucky, and I am blessed to be witness to the love he has for them; and they for him.

    “I love when he hugs me and when he kisses me too.” ~ our 4 year old


    “I like him ‘cause he always helps me build things like science experiments.” ~our 6 year old


    Happy Father’s Day, Adam! We love you!

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    Sunday Spark: Spring is Nearly Here!

    …And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the Daffodils.

    ~William Wordsworth (from the poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud)

    (Our daffodils are starting to come up!)

     The sun was out today - fabulously bright and filling us with energy (and vitamin D)!  Though it’s only February, we’ve been blessed with beautiful weather in the 40’s & 50’s – and, if you believe the weather report, it is expected to continue over the next week!

    (Planting pansies - oh, the glorious cooperation!)

    Not being one to let a moment pass, we took advantage of the beauty of the day to get outside and enjoy the pre-Spring loveliness. The air was cool and crisp, scented with the rich earthiness of melting snow, and leant itself perfectly to spending our afternoon outside planting, digging, and climbing trees.

    (My daughter found her first earthworm of the season)

    We cleared out old leaves and sticks, potted some pansies, sprinkled organic fertilizer over our perennial beds and put down mulch. How I love getting back into the garden! Then, while I was watering, the children then dug holes in the mulch (Yay! Mud!) and climbed our little tree (thank you Mr. Flowering Dogwood for being so tolerant of little scrambling hands and feet). 

    (My son, enjoying his first tree-climb)

    I basked in the warmth of the sun, soaking up the energy of the earth and the thoroughly enjoying the squeals of pleasure of my children – so happy to be outside. 

    (Is there anything better than digging in the dirt?)

    It was a truly wonderful day. Here’s to a joyful week!   

    Posted: Feb 27 2011, 23:32 by kelly | Comments (4) RSS comment feed |
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