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    A Stroke of Insight

    Right here, right now, all we are brothers and sisters on this planet, here to make the world a better place. And in this moment we are perfect. We are whole. And we are beautiful.

    ~Jill Bolte Taylor 


    Do you ever feel like there is MORE to your life than just your every day motions, appointments, responsibilities? Are you striving for peace - in yourself, your home, in the world?  I do, and I am. The other evening, I experienced Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's TED Talk on her experience with coming face to face with what so many of us are searching for in life.  

    Dr. Taylor describes in eighteen short (I promise, when you start watching this, the time will fly by) minutes why we're not just who we think we are, or see ourselves as, or how others see us, but also, much, much larger, integrated, and interconnected with everyone and everything in the universe; AND how we - each and every one of us - have the ability and the choice to "step to the right of our left hemispheres" and experience more of the amazing  potential we all have; to experience and create and share real peace.


    Look, I know you probably feel like you don't have 18 minutes handy - with work, home, children, life. And maybe you're not into the whole spiritual, woo woo, new age stuff.  But... remember - Dr. Taylor didn't go looking for a spiritual  connection to the universe; she was a neuroanatomist, studying brain disorders, who found herself suddenly in a position to study her OWN brain, through a stroke as it was occurring - and in that experience, discovered something far more amazing and important than what she expected.


    I picture a world filled with beautiful, peaceful, compassionate, loving people who knew that they could come to this space at any time. And that they could purposely choose to step to the right of their left hemispheres and find this peace.

    This video is one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen. So, for whatever that's worth, please try to find time - you won't be disappointed. Maybe you'll just find it interesting. Or maybe it just might give you that bit of incentive and  approval you've been looking for to reach that MORE that PEACE that CONNECTION that you know is there - inside of us. Please watch.


    ps - you may find that the timbre of her voice is, at first, challenging to experience; but the message she's sharing soon outweighs any discomfort. Make it through the first four minutes, and you'll be hooked. Please let me know if you watch this & how you liked it. I'd love to hear. 

    Posted: Feb 02 2013, 12:56 by kelly | Comments (2) RSS comment feed |
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    Wordless Wednesday: Intuition

    When your inner voice speaks, do you listen? It's there for a reason. It's our connection to each other and our universe. Don't be afraid.

    Trust your intuition.


    Posted: Nov 07 2012, 11:31 by kelly | Comments (2) RSS comment feed |
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    A Dream Within a Dream

    All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream.

    ~Edgar Allen Poe


    It's unnerving how your children have the ability to ask you questions that you haven't quite - at 37 years old - come to a determination about yourself yet. Astute questions. Meaning-of-life type questions.

    "Mom," my daughter asked offhandedly, "what if this is all a dream?"

    "Oh?" I say, with as much nonchalance as I could muster. Maybe... I was hoping, maybe she wouldn't continue this train of thought. Truth be told, I was disarmed.

    Have you seen Inception*?

    "I mean," she says, to clarify for her momentarily-yet-intentionally-obtuse Mother, "what if, when wake in the morning we're not really waking. What if we are still sleeping, and everything we're doing is a dream we're having?"

    "That would be something!" I said. Way to be articulate, Mom.

    "Yeah," she continued, undeterred by my decidedly inarticulate responses, "because then how would we know what's REAL, Mom?"

    "I don't know," hey, at least I can fall back on honesty, "that's an interesting thought. Maybe because we're all here? Or, am I dreaming too? Whose dream IS this?"


    "Maybe we're all dreaming Mom."


    Children, it seems, possess a deeper understanding of the universe.

    *If you haven't seen Inception, you should see Inception.

    Posted: Oct 20 2012, 00:45 by kelly | Comments (3) RSS comment feed |
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    Wordless Wednesday: Look Up at the Sky

    I never get tired of the blue sky.
    ~Vincent van Gogh

     In the midst of your hectic day... kids, work, school, activities, meetings, errands, meals, exercise, to-do-lists, [fill-in-the-blank here]... take a moment to pause & look. Up. At the sky, in all its splendor: always present, always changing.  It grounds me and fills me with energy. This past month, I've observed the sky more than usual. Perhaps it's been the unusually warm weather we've been having that has drawn my eyes (and camera) upwards. Regardless of the reason, I'm glad of the moments of peace our sky has given me, and I hope these images give you a bit of peace, too.

    Take a moment wherever you are, and look up! Peace to you.