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    Are You Afraid to Change?

    What you are afraid to do is a clear indicator of the next thing you need to do.

    ~Anthony Robbins

    The only thing holding you back is you.

    That statement can be difficult to believe. We’d like to think it’s all sorts of circumstances outside of ourselves - things we’ve chosen, perhaps, but more often things we have felt we have no control over - that have pushed us down the path where we are. Not, instead, that we’ve chosen the path we’re on, or that we’re still on this path because we are choosing not to leave it.  Excuses are comforting. Complaining about our lot in life, over why we can’t do this or that, or what has been done to us, gives us a false feeling of comfort - especially when we share those complaints with others around us. People nod, agree, commiserate, and empathize… and we go on feeling consoled in our state of not doing.

    We don’t move towards what we want because we think we can’t change. And that belief in “can’t” because of x,y,z locks us into not doing what we actually want to do. Not doing leads to more not doing - Newton’s law even backs up our own laziness - and as time passes, we hold on to the excuses more tightly; they become us. And we don’t change. We don’t take risks, we don’t try something new, we don’t pay attention to our dreams, because… we are afraid to fail, afraid of others’ opinions, afraid of change, afraid to lose, afraid, maybe, that we won’t even LIKE what we want to do.  More than thinking we can’t change…

    We are AFRAID to change.

    What are you afraid of? If you try and fail you have lost nothing. If you try and succeed… think of how amazing that will feel. And if you succeed, if you’ve shown yourself that you can instead of can’t, you’ll be more likely to continue moving towards what you want, to start believing in your dreams, to embrace change. I encourage you to try - even if it’s a small thing you’ve been wanting to do, but have been afraid of - to take a step towards it. Tell yourself you can. Because you can. And you will.

    Posted: Nov 22 2013, 14:29 by kelly | Comments (3) RSS comment feed |
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    Filed under: Inspirational

    Wordless Wednesday: Be Brave Enough




    Inspiring (and truthful) words from one of my favorite authors…




    You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will. ~Stephen King









    Resonating Peace

    May you be at peace. May your heart remain open. May you awaken to the light of your own true nature. May you be healed. May you be a source of healing for all beings.

    ~Joan Borysenko

    (Photo credit: Peaceful Path by Jessica Jenney)

    I'm trying to embrace peace. To become more peaceful in my thoughts and actions. To show my children peace is the way.

    Becoming more peaceful isn't just about feeling calmer within yourself or learning to control your temper outwardly - although that's part of it. It isn't just about reducing stress and thus feeling more happy and healthy- though they are certainly benefits of being more peaceful.

    I find the most amazing benefit of learning to be more peaceful with yourself is that you will naturally project more peace and be calmer in your interactions with people around you. And, because we humans are inclined to mimic what we see (think: yawning in response to a yawn - we can't help it, we just do it), the people around you will be more peaceful - not only towards you, but to others they encounter. That means more joyful interactions with your children, your partner, your friends, your coworkers, even strangers. It works. It can be challenging. But…


    Peace resonates.


    When you find peace in your heart, it spreads outwards, and heals not only you, but everyone around you, and around them. You are teaching your children through your actions more than you ever could through your words. Why not teach peace?

    So how can YOU begin cultivating peace within yourself? Here are a few tips:


    Learn to meditate.

    Take a moment to think before you speak.

    Practice gratitude.

    Visualize how you'd like to feel and act.

    Find things that you love to look at or listen to or read that are soothing - and then, look, listen, and read them.

    Breathe deeply, whenever it occurs to you, but particularly when you're not feeling at peace.


    Understand that being kind is more important than being right.


    Make time to do things that you enjoy - don't neglect what inspires you.

    Hug your children and your partner, even when - ESPECIALLY WHEN - it feels difficult to do so.

    Love. Love. Love.


    So... Are you at peace? What helps you become more peaceful?

    Posted: Feb 08 2013, 08:40 by kelly | Comments (0) RSS comment feed |
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    A Stroke of Insight

    Right here, right now, all we are brothers and sisters on this planet, here to make the world a better place. And in this moment we are perfect. We are whole. And we are beautiful.

    ~Jill Bolte Taylor 


    Do you ever feel like there is MORE to your life than just your every day motions, appointments, responsibilities? Are you striving for peace - in yourself, your home, in the world?  I do, and I am. The other evening, I experienced Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's TED Talk on her experience with coming face to face with what so many of us are searching for in life.  

    Dr. Taylor describes in eighteen short (I promise, when you start watching this, the time will fly by) minutes why we're not just who we think we are, or see ourselves as, or how others see us, but also, much, much larger, integrated, and interconnected with everyone and everything in the universe; AND how we - each and every one of us - have the ability and the choice to "step to the right of our left hemispheres" and experience more of the amazing  potential we all have; to experience and create and share real peace.


    Look, I know you probably feel like you don't have 18 minutes handy - with work, home, children, life. And maybe you're not into the whole spiritual, woo woo, new age stuff.  But... remember - Dr. Taylor didn't go looking for a spiritual  connection to the universe; she was a neuroanatomist, studying brain disorders, who found herself suddenly in a position to study her OWN brain, through a stroke as it was occurring - and in that experience, discovered something far more amazing and important than what she expected.


    I picture a world filled with beautiful, peaceful, compassionate, loving people who knew that they could come to this space at any time. And that they could purposely choose to step to the right of their left hemispheres and find this peace.

    This video is one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen. So, for whatever that's worth, please try to find time - you won't be disappointed. Maybe you'll just find it interesting. Or maybe it just might give you that bit of incentive and  approval you've been looking for to reach that MORE that PEACE that CONNECTION that you know is there - inside of us. Please watch.


    ps - you may find that the timbre of her voice is, at first, challenging to experience; but the message she's sharing soon outweighs any discomfort. Make it through the first four minutes, and you'll be hooked. Please let me know if you watch this & how you liked it. I'd love to hear. 

    Posted: Feb 02 2013, 12:56 by kelly | Comments (2) RSS comment feed |
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    May You Wake With Gratitude!

    Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

    ~Eckhart Tolle

    Artist: Lori Portka 


    Hello friends! I'd like to share this simple suggestion:

    May you wake with gratitude.


    What is gratitude, exactly? The dictionary tells us it is, "The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness".


    Certainly it is both of these things AND recognizing the gifts we have. Gratitude is the ability to see through what may ail or bother us, getting beyond things troublesome, to view more clearly the truth under the emotions or judgments we reserve for our life and moment; and acknowledging the awesome beneath the ugh.


    An example of gratitude?


    We may wake feeling tired from a poor night's sleep, yet, we can be thankful for waking.

    This is gratitude.

    We may be troubled by our children's behaviors yet, we can recognize our fortune at being challenged and allowed to learn and grow with them.

    This is gratitude.


    But… why WAKE  this way?


    I've found that the first thoughts I have on waking often set the tone of my day. When I wake thankful, things just feel better, lighter, easier throughout the day.  I can handle more challenges when I greet the day with thanks.


    Of course, that's not to say that waking with gratitude is easy itself - at least, it's not easy at first; particularly when we're not feeling physically well, or when we're worried, or when we're used to waking with sleepy eyes, heavy limbs, and worried hearts about our expectations for the day. But I promise you, the effort it takes to say thank you in the morning is so very worth it.


    How to start?


    Start by simply saying thank you. :)

    Your thank you doesn't have to be to anyone, or for anything specifically. Just a quick thank you before you climb out of bed. At first it may be a bit of a struggle; maybe you don't actually feel thankful. But… you will. You'll find it becomes habitual, and then… natural. Once you've established the habit, you can start to think about directing your thank you. Perhaps a thank you inwards --- something as simple as thanking yourself for waking. Then, when you're comfortable with that, maybe direct a thank you outward --- thanking the sun for rising. Or, give your thank you a physical presence ---- like a hug to your children for their natural ability to express joy at any moment. You'll find the more you express gratitude, the easier it becomes to FEEL grateful, and when you feel grateful, it's difficult to share that moment with feelings of resentment or worry or pain or frustration.


    When you start your day feeling grateful, you're naturally directing your thoughts towards lightness and joy. Think about how good it feels when someone acknowledges YOU with a thank you. Why not do this for ourselves, too, in our everyday lives? Even if the feeling only lasts a short while, we can then be thankful for those moments of joy we have created. That something so simple can change our day, our lives, and the lives of those around us is inspiring! A cycle of gratitude, lightness, and joy... we all can use more of that!  :)


    Please let me know if you try waking with gratitude. How did it work for you? I'd love to know. And… THANK YOU for reading. 


    Posted: Jan 30 2013, 18:40 by kelly | Comments (5) RSS comment feed |
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