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    Are You Free to Take Some Tea?

    May I inquire discreetly: When are you free to take some tea with me?

    ~The Beatles 


    I’ve always loved a good cup of tea. That’s why, when my friend, Amber, at Strocel.com suggested that we all “show her our stash” of tea, I positively jumped at the chance!

    Show me Your Tea Stash at Strocel.com


    I am an avid tea drinker. Okay, truthfully, I don’t really discriminate; at least not in genre, I drink coffee, tea, cocoa… it’s all good. Additionally, as my hands are always cold; a hot cuppa fits the bill quite well. I do, however, have my favorites; and some which I just can’t stand (so they linger, like, forever, in my cabinet). I’d say I’m a 8-cup-a-day drinker; though, it’s not always caffeinated (lest you have a picture in your head of me zooming around like a moth on a porchlight with a cup of something gripped firmly in my jittering hands).  Not always. Ahem. 


    For quite some years, my penchant(s) for tea drinking – and collecting – have collided in a most haphazard way in my kitchen cabinets (always just right out of reach; honestly, I don’t know WHY I’ve never, ever, moved my tea to a more convenient location!), 'til 'round about 10 years ago, when drinking and collecting merged in a more seamless way, and Adam and I opened an online tea shop – selling one of our favorite hot beverages: chai (though, truth be told, much of my tea at home & at work is bought from the tea shop at our grocery store, and I don’t drink as much chai as I once did; preferring the simplicity of a nice, plain, green as I've gotten older. Ahem, again.). [ps: Amber has assured me that owning a tea shop does not disqualify me from participating in the Big Tea Show-Off. But, in all fairness, I felt I did need to disclose that little fact.].   


    And now... on to stats. And PICTURES!  


    In my office stash, you can find:
    10 boxes of tea
    1 can of tea
    Many random tea bags & tea k-cups



    In my stash at home, you can find:
    19 boxes of tea
    2 cans of tea
    A nonsensical number of random individual tea bags

    This pic can perhaps best be described with: O_o



    In our warehouse stash… maybe just a pic will suffice:


    So... I love tea. And I love people who love tea. I could drink it all day & night; and often do. My kids love tea, too. And, I’m convinced tea keeps you young. And keeps you happy. Or, at least, it keeps you warm. And that counts for something.  


    Here’s to a Happy New Year, and happy tea drinking!

    Posted: Jan 14 2012, 15:56 by kelly | Comments (10) RSS comment feed |
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    Filed under: Healthy Eating


    Amber Canada said:

    AmberI thought I had a lot of tea - but I've got nothing on you! And that's not even counting the warehouse.

    Thanks so much for showing me your stash!

    # January 14 2012, 18:07

    Kate United States said:

    KateThat's pretty much what the cabinet above my stove looks like as well!

    # January 15 2012, 12:16

    Krissee @ Granola Funk Mama United States said:

    Krissee @ Granola Funk MamaAhoy fellow tea hoarder!  Have you rocked a Twig Tea yet?  One of my favorite earthy flavors.  It was called a peasants drink because the farmers would drink it after selling tea leafs to the wealthy.  sip a tree branch :)

    # January 16 2012, 23:44

    arbolog.com said:

    pingbackPingback from arbolog.com

    Tea Stash  |  The Arbolog

    # January 18 2012, 13:26

    kelly@kellynaturally United States said:

    kelly@kellynaturally@Krissee - you crack me up that you said Ahoy!

    I haven't tried twig tea yet... but will have to, now! I just started drinking Tulsi tea. Which... YUM!

    # January 18 2012, 21:08

    Cheryl Canada said:

    CherylWow, that's impressive! I'd drink 8 cups a day too if I had that much to choose from :) But I need to hear more about the tea keeps you young idea ...

    # January 19 2012, 17:04

    Lauren @ Hobo Mama United States said:

    Lauren @ Hobo MamaThe warehouse one made me laugh the hardest. I don't think anyone else will beat that.

    # January 20 2012, 16:46

    Elise Rebmann United States said:

    Elise RebmannI agree.  Tea brings peace - always!

    # January 25 2012, 10:49

    benefits of green tea United States said:

    benefits of green teaAlways got plenty of time to consume tea.

    # May 11 2012, 02:35

    naturallifemom.com said:

    pingbackPingback from naturallifemom.com

    Tea is the Best Drink

    # February 28 2013, 18:18

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