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    WPPW (Week 5): Enjoy

    I've so enjoyed the experience of writing poetry over the last five weeks; it's hard to believe the month of April has gone already! This week brought so many experiences and changes to our lives - overwhelming at times, and yet, I still found the time to sit and write; I think that says something good about poetry. Having not written poetry before, I found it challenging and frustrating, and yet - satisfying in its simplicity, and so I hope to continue - even without the gentle push of a weekly goal. Thank you Lauren for hosting, and thank you - anyone - for reading along.


    This week's poetry theme was Enjoy. As there is nothing I so enjoy as time outdoors with my children, it seemed only natural that experience would inspire my final week's poem.

    Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop



    Afternoon Spring sun warms our shoulders as we crouch, hunched over our hardened-off sprouts.

    Searching for the heartiest amidst curved shoots, wilted leaves; small fingers examining each stem, you are engrossed.

    A swallow - darting,  just inches from the sun-warmed top of your head; you are undeterred.

    This one looks strong.

    And I agree. I haven't taught you this; selection is innate.

    Each one you gently separate, place, settle down into fertile soil.

    Dirt in your hair, fingernails, in the scrapes on your knees.

    And wonder in your eyes - perhaps imagining a future filled with fruit and vegetables.    

    Until - suddenly - concern crosses your countenance, interrupting your calm:  

    The water is knocking him over.

    It's okay, I say, Time will make him stronger.

    You nod, returning to your work.

    The swallow darts again, and we smile.


    Posted: May 05 2013, 17:25 by kelly | Comments (4) RSS comment feed |
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    Lauren @ Hobo Mama United States said:

    Lauren @ Hobo MamaOh, this is beautiful! You've brought me into your garden and into this sweet moment with your children.

    "It's okay, I say, Time will make him stronger." — so much meaning packed into this line. And I love your descriptions: "A swallow - darting,  just inches from the sun-warmed top of your head." They draw us in and give us such a distinct experience as we read.

    I'm so glad you gave poetry a try — clearly, you have a gift! And I do love how writing it can be fit into even small spaces, to grant a little uplift to your day. Thanks so much for writing along!

    # May 05 2013, 19:15

    Karen at MomAgain@40 South Africa said:

    Karen at MomAgain@40Catching a glimpse of quality time with your children! So important!
    Love the scene that you have called up with your poem.

    # May 06 2013, 09:19

    teresa peters United States said:

    teresa petersThis is so wonderful. I think I'll read it to my girl. It's just a beautiful story of your time in the garden together.
    I didn't realize, or remember that you hadn't written poetry before.... you seem to be a natural.
    I feel like continuing myself....
    If you post I'll definitely be happy to read it.
    Im hoping I can get myself to do it without the weekly goal too.
    the whole poem .... but especially "dirt in your hair..... wonder in your eyes..."
    I love it. Truly.

    # May 06 2013, 14:23

    Julia United States said:

    JuliaI love all of the beautiful imagery and those 2 lines in italics...are perfect!

    # May 06 2013, 20:10

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